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Enterprise Risk Management Software - Identify, assess, monitor and report on your strategic objectives, risks, controls, and contributing factors. For your Small, Medium or Large Enterprises

Preserve and Grow your Business

Gain insight into how risk drivers can impact your business value and reputation. Risk Management Software can help you track key risk indicators and align risk events with their potential impact – so you can make responsible, defensible risk management decisions, regardless of your company size or industry.

Grow Business Value Through Risk Management

Integrate and coordinate your risk management activities, identify and assess current and future risks, and link risks to value drivers – to preserve and build business value – with our enterprise risk management software.

Enterprise Risk Management Software Reliable and Scalable

Enterprise Risk Management Software proven to reliably scale to accommodate thousands of concurrent users in the most demanding deployments. Also available via Software as A Service.

Enterprise Risk Management Software & Solution Vendor Match

We provide a free and unique Enterprise Risk Management Software Provider match service to help you find the right Enterprise Risk Management solution for your business. Simply answer a few questions about your software requirements and let us find the right software that meets your specific business needs. Our software solutions experts are waiting to match you with the right Enterprise Risk Management system / software today. We take all the guess work out of finding the ideal Enterprise Risk Management Software for your Business! Our Solution Providers are located throughout Southern Africa, including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Surrounding areas. They come highly recommended with a proven track record and portfolio consisting of some of South Africa's top businesses
enterprise risk-management software

enterprise risk-management software

Need Enterprise Risk Management Software Solution

Enterprise Risk Management Software - Identify, assess, monitor and report on your strategic objectives, risks, controls, and contributing factors. For your Small, Medium or Large Enterprises

Benefits of Enterprise Risk Management Software

Creation of a more risk focused culture for the organization As risk discussions develop into a standard part of the overall strategic business processes, operational units often find that addressing risk in a more formal way helps manage their part of the organization as well. Communication and discussion of risk is recognized as not only a process to provide information to senior management, but a way to share risk information within and across operations of the company, and allow better insights and decision making concerning risk at all levels. Standardized risk reporting One of the major values of ERM risk reporting is improved, timeliness, conciseness, and flexibility of the risk data. This provides the data needed for improved decision making capabilities within the executive and director levels, and in other layers of management. ERM helps management recognize and unlock synergies by aggregating and sharing all corporate risk data and factors, and evaluating them in a consolidated format. Improved focus and perspective on risk ERM develops leading indicators to help detect a potential risk event and provide an early warning. Key metrics and measurements of risk further improve the value of reporting and analysis and provide the ability to track potential changes in risk vulnerabilities or likelihood, potentially alerting organizations to changes in their risk profile. ERM also permits a more complete viewpoint on risk. Traditional risk practices focus on mitigation, acceptance, or avoidance. However, effective ERM processes gives management a framework to evaluate risk as an opportunity to increase competitive positions and exploit certain market and operational conditions. Efficient use of resources In organizations without ERM, many individuals may be involved with managing and reporting risk across operational units. While developing an ERM program does not replace the need for day to day risk management, it can improve the framework and tools used to perform the critical risk management functions in a consistent manner. Eliminating redundant processes improves efficiency by allocating the right amount of resources to mitigating the risk. Effective coordination of regulatory and compliance matters Bond rating agencies, financial statement auditors, and regulatory examiners, have begun to inquire about, test, and use monitoring and reporting data from ERM programs. Since ERM data involves identifying and monitoring controls and mitigation efforts across the organization, this information can help reduce the effort and cost of such audits and reviews.

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Choosing the right Enterprise Risk Management Software

Choosing the right business process management system / solution for your business Unfortunately for many companies and organisations, selecting the right business process management software / system for their business can be a time-consuming and confusing task. Not only is there an abundance of suppliers, you also have to wade through a lot of different technology options too! Be clear on your business objectives and your budget Before you make your choice you need to be very clear on your business requirements. Are you trying to identify process bottlenecks in your systems or are you looking for more advanced way to manage operations, employees, customers, etc? Make a list of what you require. Don't forget to include your budget limitations as well. Knowing what you're willing or able to pay will help to winnow out useless features. Prioritize the business process management solution features you need Once you've made your list you can think about prioritizing these requirements. Make sure that you identify the top 3 to 5 features that you need to have to make your investment in a business process management solution successful. Don't overlook basic but important operational requirements. Once you have fleshed out these requirements you can start a review of your business process management system hardware technology options. The good news is that through our vendor match service, we can help you sift through the many options and match your requirements to the best 3 to 5 software / solution providers. Interviews with business process management software and system suppliers You can learn alot about what you need through a thorough interview of prospective BPMS providers. Don't hesitate to ask for demos of management systems. You might find that smaller software / solutions meet your budget and feature requirements better than the unwieldy business process management systems offered. Identify hidden costs When we've helped you narrow down your search, we can then identify all the costs for the systems. How much of your monthly fees are hidden hardware costs? Are license fees too high? What about implementation and support? These hidden fees start devouring your annual business process management budgets before the ink is even dried.

Need Enterprise Risk Management Software Solution

Enterprise Risk Management Software - Identify, assess, monitor and report on your strategic objectives, risks, controls, and contributing factors. For your Small, Medium or Large Enterprises